In The Year 2023?

A goal to unite, to enthuse, to inspire. Can the US deliver the first ICC Associate hosted World Cup?

In this final chapter we both reflect and speculate based upon the insights gained during the course of this Odyssey. Whilst we have seen that US cricket has been influenced by the changing face of US society, we consider how the game might impact on US society and how it is viewed abroad. To make such an impact the game must grow in stature and develop a recognisably American identity. The stature of the game could be elevated by the ICC committing to hosting the 2023 World Cup in the US. We consider what obstacles need to be surmounted and what role the grassroots must play in order for the ICC to proceed with confidence. There is a precedent, the 1994 soccer World Cup had a major effect on the development of the game in the US. Could cricket follow in its footsteps? Finally we reflect upon the insights this Odyssey has provided into the unique, paradoxical and often misunderstood nature of US culture.